Subscription Overview

User Level Descriptions

Public View

The Public View is for the general public and is available at no cost. Cultural resource data layers available in this application include: National Register Properties, Historic Buildings, and Historical Areas. The National Register data layer contains hyperlinks that allow the user to view nomination forms and photographs of the property. Archaeological site data is available as raw counts per topographic quadrangle.

Subscriber View

The Subscriber level view provides data and support to state and local professionals who need access for planning and stewardship activities, such as OCRM permits. The Subscriber View provides access to archaeological site data and restricted National Register properties in addition to the non-restricted data layers available in the Public Viewer. Access to this view requires a vetting procedure to ensure that their request for access of site location data is appropriate. The vetting procedure is in place to protect the resources represented in ArchSite, which are both vulnerable and non-renewable.

The Subscriber View also includes additional tools for searching the database and provides an export functionality that allows users to obtain digital shapefiles from all of the data layers available with the annual subscription.

The Subscriber View is password protected and only available to users who sign a license agreement and pay a subscription fee.

Subscription Request Overview

Public Level Access

Access to the Public View is provided at no cost to interested persons and does not require a signed license agreement. You will automatically be given access to the Public Map and you do not need to do anything further.

Subscriber Level Access

Access to the Subscriber View requires a signed license agreement between SCIAA/SCDAH and the organization by whom the subscriber is employed or by the individual subscriber if not associated with an organization, and payment of the subscription fee . Each username will be associated with a specific individual within the organization and this name will be attached to any information submitted. As per the license agreement, the organization will be responsible for any miss-use of data obtained from ArchSite. Individual subscribers not affiliated with an organization will be assigned one username and will be solely responsible for the usage of data obtained from ArchSite.


Access to the ArchSite system is not guaranteed and the ArchSite Administrator reserves the right to deny ineligible applicants. Persons requesting Subscriber level access must submit a resume or CV to the ArchSite Administrator for review. Instructions on how to access the Subscriber map will be made available upon approval of the subscription request by the ArchSite Administrator.


ArchSite Fee Schedule Annual Quarterly Weekly
For-profit entities
One office location $600 $200 $50
Two or more office locations $1200 $400 n/a
Non-profit entities *
One office location $300 $100 $30
Two or more office locations $600 $200 n/a
Free on-site access
n/a n/a n/a

In order to make ArchSite accessible to all interested persons, computers are available at SCDAH and SCIAA during business hours for use by both public viewers and subscribers free of charge. Off-site use by subscribers requires a subscription fee. The fee helps to offset administrative, personnel, and infrastructure costs. Organizations with more than one office location will be required to pay the subscription fee for each office. If an invoice is needed, please contact the ArchSite Administrator.

* Qualifying Non-profits
  • South Carolina state universities, colleges and other higher education or research institutes
  • County governments engaged in land planning and/or stewardship
  • South Carolina state agencies engaged in land planning and/or stewardship
  • Cities and municipalities engaged in land planning and/or stewardship
  • Certified Local Governments
  • IRS recognized 501 c3 organizations

To request a subscription, please complete the Subscription Request & Licence Agreement Form and return it to SCIAA by mail, fax, or email.